What do I mean by Ageless Health? – Actually, that our health can be excellent independently of our age.
Doctors like to assume that we all have to go downhill in terms of health, as we grow old. 
But it ayn´t necessarily so. Its true that our health does to some extent depend on hereditary factors, on our genes, but it depends much more on how and what we eat, how we live, and not least on our attitude to ourselves and to life in general.

The years you keep adding to your life experience don´t have to weigh you down or cause you health problems, but should just be an exercise in numbers that you can take in your stride.

If you want to stay healthy and young at heart without drugs, you need access to many special insights. It´s not to protect you from danger that conventional medicine does its best to keep all such insights from you. It´s because they will make no money on you when you no longer buy their expensive and dangerous drugs.

Considering that you began aging the day you were born, the sooner you start paying attention to your health, the better. What you do, and don´t do, matters greatly to health and life quality as the years continue piling up. And to cure an existing problem is much more difficult than to prevent it.

I am not telling you to worry about it. Quite the contrary. Worry is the worst thing you can do. With me you never need to worry. With me everything will fall into place naturally, without worries or stress. But you do need to pay attention.

I am looking forward to a long and rewarding relationship with you, as you master the art of happy aging, learn to overcome any challenges, and float comfortly above the ravages of time.

Begin your journey by eating well, sleeping enough, loving and laughing a lot, and pretending that you are just an amused spectator of your own life. It may require a little practice, but it´s easier than you think. And it removes a lot of unnecessary and unhealthy stress.

My mother was a wise woman, and one of the many things she taught me, was to apply a wider perspective, when you are stressed or upset about something. When she experienced a household catastrophe of some kind, she would ask herself, “What difference does this make in 100 years from now?” – If its consequences will not last 100 years, then what´s the big deal? – Even though a time frame of a hundred years may be an exaggeration, it´s a way to put things into perspective. So, just pick up the pieces and carry on! – It will all soon be forgotten.

And never underestimate the importance of good old common sense! –

Soon it may be normal to live to be 100. But till then, it´s with me on this site you have your best chance to live beyond 100 years! While staying healthy, wealthy, happy and wise.

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