DIABETES is becoming increasingly common in our society. And its effects on quality of life,freedom of choice, and economy can be devastating. Not to mention that it tends to lead to many other serious health conditions that will shorten life considerably.
Sadly, our prevailing medical system offers no real solution to the Diabetes problem. Even though Diabetes in reality is quite easy – and cheap – to cure with natural remedies.
But our mainstream medicine insists that there is no cure for Diabetes! How can I then claim that it is easy and cheap to cure? – Well, the simple truth is you have been lied to.
For profit. Here is how it 

Thanks to its immense marketing power – and ruthless business model – the pharmaceutical industry, invented by John D. Rockefeller in the early 1900s and now known as Big Pharma, has managed to convince political and medical authorities around the world to adopt its own version of diagnosis and treatment as the gold standard for officially authorized medical schools and hospital practices. Making us all believe that its own ”doctored” research and medical conclusions are the only ”scientific” ones, and that their synthetic drugs, radiation and surgery procedures are the only valid treatments.

At the same time Big Pharma tries to discredit all traditional healing arts as superstition or humbug without effect, even with centuries, or even millennia, of successful clinical experience behind them. I am referring to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with its millennial herbal medicine and acupuncture, and to homeopathy, successfully used for over 200 years on both sides of the Atlantic, as well as in other parts of the world. But also to the newest treatment modalities based on electromagnetic frequencies and computer science. 

Unfortunately, whoever has enough money and is ruthless enough to use it to suppress truth and impose his own will on society through propaganda, false fear mongering, and bribery, is likely to succeed. As has Big Pharma over the last century. At the peril of everybody, except Big Pharmas ever expanding ”bottom line”.

Such is the background for what is going on with our public health and our ruling medical ”science”. And such is the explanation why our public medicine, that was hijacked a century ago by Big Pharma for its own benefit, never cures any disease, but limits itself to managing symptoms at high cost, and for life.

However, the news is that we are now well into a new evolutionary paradigm with a new world view 
and totally new technology, that is changing the playing ground for all of us, in every way imaginable.

Consider our world only 50 years ago. Only telephone land lines. And lots of people around the world did not even have a telephone at all.
No computers, no mobile phones, let alone smart phones.

No Internet. The difference between then and now is mind-boggling, and it has completely transformed our daily lives.
Today, anyone, anywhere on the planet, can connect instantly with anyone else, anywhere else on the planet, even with video, or voice recordings, and free of cost! That ́s how dramatically our planet has shrunk, and how close we have all come to each other.
At the same time health levels have deteriorated in developed affluent countries, and cronic illness has skyrocketed. Why?
The principal reason is the food industry – Big Food. And its pact with Big Mammon, Big Agro and Big Pharma. In order to make as much money as possible, they use lots of pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, taste enhancers, preservatives etc., etc., all of which are unnatural to human beings and cause health issues, that are compounded by the combining all these unnatural ingredients, in order to produce more, sell more, and extend the shelf life of the products. But not the life of the consumers.

But at least as important is their promotion of fast carbohydrates in all foods, especially sugar, that is being pushed and plentyfully included in almost every industrially produced food item, to make it tastier and more desirable. Plus pushing advice that is the exact opposite to what is required for good health.
A case in point is recommending a fat-free diet to reduce cholesterol. Which in fact promotes heart disease and cancer, far from protecting against them.

Since Nixon declared war on cancer almost 50 years ago, cancer rates have gone up considerably, and survival rates have to all intents and purposes stalled. In spite of spending untold billions of dollars every year on so called research, there has been virtually NO improvement in survival figures for cancer, generally speaking.
Compare this to spectacular advances in most other areas, and it translates into a dismal failure for our entire medical system.

When, on top, we realize that literally dozens of effective natural remedies have either been known all along, some of them for hundreds of years, or have been discovered during this time, but have been banned from medical use because they cannot make money for Big Pharma, then we realize that something is VERY, VERY WRONG with our entire system.
Diabetes IS easy, fast, and cheap to cure. Yes, really cure for good.
In spite of what Big Pharma ́s 
medics have been brainwashed to tell you.

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JENS riksdagskandidat 2014
Dr. Jens Jerndal
Professor of Holistic Medicine

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