That something is invisible, does not mean that it is supernatural or spooky. Just think of the wind, of electricity, of magnetism, of radiation, of heat. They are all invisible, yet can produce extremely powerful effects, both positive and right out catastrophic. And it would be rather absurd to call any of these supernatural or spooky, don´t you think? Fact is, it´s only our ignorance or blindness that makes us think of the invisible in terms of supernatural or spooky.

With this I want to open your mind to the fact that behind everything that is visible to us, that we consider real and material, there is an invisible cause. And that the more we learn about these invisible realities and their interactions with our environment and ourselves, the better off we will be in terms of understanding and controlling our lives, our health, our success and our happiness. And the less reason we will have to fear the unknown.

As a young law student at the ancient university of Lund in southern Sweden, I ”happened” to take a course in Parapsychology, that opened my mind to the invisible reality, and how absolutely necessary it is, if we want to understand the human condition and make sense of the world we live in.

It´s really not all that complicated. I see the invisible reality I am talking about as having two dimensions: an inner, subjective dimension, and an outer, objective dimension.

The inner dimension consists of our thoughts on the one hand, and our emotions and desires on the other. I think you will agree that both are necessary for us to do something, in other words to create something, to make something happen in the outer material world.

The outer dimension simply consists of information on the one hand, corresponding to thoughts, and energy on the other. Einstein taught us that everything material really is created out of energy with the help of information to give it its characteristic shape, structure, texture, qualities, functionality etc.

So, as you now see, there is no material reality without the invisible reality that caused it. Remember the invisible wind that builds waves and sand dunes, that drives sailing ships, moves the wings of the windmill to grind flour? – Or the electricity that nowadays runs most of our lives and allow us to see in the dark? –

Not to mention the computer software that in a way can be said to be the brain – but not the mind! – of our modern society, so dependent on computers, mobile phones, data storage, and the Internet.

The same is true when it comes to health and medicine. Our western materialistic medicine refuses to ”peep behind the curtain” as it were, because it is convinced that there is nothing there, and therefore it misses the invisible causes of illness, often to be found in our emotions and energy patterns, or thoughts and ”software programming”.

Fortunately, we have an experienced teacher in traditional Chinese medicine, that has been around for several thousand years, and does take the invisible causal reality very much into account. It is based on the flow of energy, and understands both the physical and mental-emotional causes for irregularities or disruptions in this flow.

Unfortunately, modern western medicine arrogantly assumes that it has nothing to learn from Chinese medicine with its millennia of clinical experience, and that its new ”scientific” dogmas are in every way superior to acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. And with its materialistic approach it often misses the most important factors necessary to understand what has caused an illness, and what it takes to cure it.

Did you notice that I was studying Law to begin with? – You see, at that point in my life I already had an intuitive conviction that western medicine was not something I wanted to get involved in. So I began to study Law, Economics and Political Science, and became a professional dipomat while my brother settled for Medicine.

It would take 20 years before I came into contact with Holistic or Alternative Medicine in such a way as to realize that this was the Medicine of the future, the only medicine that could access the root of every illness, and really cure it.

Since then I have studied dozens of effective healing methods, out of the probably hundreds that exist.

It made my head spin, and I realized what a narrow, poor, ineffective and costly medical system we have been restricted to in western countries. And eventually I realized that it had been forced on us for reasons of profit and greed. Thanks to the power of money, and the ability of the new – since the beginning of the 1900s – pharmaceutical industry to establish a monopoly on medicine for itself, in the spirit of its founder John D. Rockefeller´s motto that ”competition is a sin”.

To back up, I had only stayed with my diplomatic career for 7 years, and had been working in two other careers since then, when I met my final vocation, Holistic Energy Medicine in 1979.

I first began to study Acupuncture on my own. Then found Medicina Alternativa in Sri Lanka via a friend in Stockholm who was a skilled acupuncturist and naprapath. There got a more formal and structured education in Acupuncture, followed by studies in Homeopathy and theoretical studies of several other healing modalities, to reach a deeper and wider understanding of the various possibilities and their potentials.

By 1987 I got my MD in alternative medicine, and in 1991 I became Professor of the Philosophy and Principles of Holistic Medicine at the Open International University of Complementary Medicines in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Now being retired and wanting to share my knowledge as widely as possible and help as many people as possible, I have now decided to go online with this website. I hope you will here find the way to save yourself from a life of pain, suffering and fear, and instead enjoy a life of radiant health, comfort, confidence, and happiness.

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